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Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day to My Hubby, et al

russell a ford usmc may 25 1968 May 25, 1968, Camp Lejeune, NC

My husband’s military service is a special part of his personal history, and as such, an important part of our family history. We were married in 1965, during the height of the Viet Nam War. He graduated from college in May of 1967, and having passed the qualifying test the previous winter, had been sworn in as an Officer Candidate in the United States Marines. He was commissioned as a 2nd LT in the spring of 1968, and after Officer Candidate School and The Basic School, followed by Supply School, he spent a 13-month tour of duty in Viet Nam. While in country, he was promoted to 1st LT. He was honorably discharged as a Captain, USMC.

My pride in his service to our country is only exceeded by my pride in his service to our Lord, and undermining both, is my pride in who he is. He served because he wanted to serve, because it was an honor to fulfill his patriotic duty.

One day I may write a book. For today, as we celebrate Veterans Day, I’ll just post a few pictures from the “olden days” – the days when military personnel and their loved ones could not even communicate by telephone, much less web cams, Skype, email, chat, etc. We communicated only by letter (real letters) for 10 months. Then we met in Hawaii for R&R. Then another three months of letters-only, before his return home. Yeah, THOSE “olden days.”

 2nd LT Russell Ford and Wife at OCS Graduation

Nov 1967 Newly-commissioned 2nd LT Quantico, VA

 3-13-1968 Leaving for practice amphib landing at Little Creek during TBS Training Exercise, Quantico, VA

May 25 1968 at Camp Lejeune NC

May 1968, Camp Lejeune, NC


Following pictures are from Viet Nam:

11-10-1968, USMC BDay visiting Bud Harness  in DaNang Steak Cookout center, supply office-rice paddies in bkgrnd where R engaged enemy Feb 23 1969   Hooches at 2-7 and same type as 1-13  Mtn outside Russells hooch, 1-13, west of Da Nang

Christmas Day in Viet Nam 1968  Photo of Russ Ford and Rich Gleittsman, taken at camp before Russell left for the world 1969  Russ at 3rd MAF HQ, Da Nang in bkgrnd

Russ at Camp Hansen Okinawa for Embarkation Sch Mar 1969

Russ at supply whse 1-13 DaNang Russ Ford at Da Nang Harbor 1969 Russ Ford Capt Gasser Steve Cox on east side of DaNang at ocean summer 1969 Russ in compound at 1-13, Inspecting area along the lines-bunker in corner Russ outside his hooch 1-13 Da Nang 1969Russ in jeep in Viet Nam 1969 Driver Cpl Bundick Sgt Flohre in back


Photos below: Having returned from overseas duty, Russell was presented with the Navy Commendation Medal, earned for meritorious service during a wartime situation.

  Russ Navy Commendation Medal 1969Russell's Navy Commendation Medal Russell's Dogtags from Viet Nam 2

Thanks to my honey, and to all who have served through the years, to secure and protect my freedom.

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